monetize Website Design to include the latest SEO, Social media and Compliance

Why build a online presence?

The aim of a online presence should be to assist establish or promote your products or services. There are too many people or companies building websites and posting on social media without a clear plan how to get some return on their investment of money and time. 

Website design is now a mix of SEO, legal Compliance and Social media integration.

Website design needs to be planned and developed to include the latest technology and marketing methods. With people accessing on phones, tablets and desktops.  The popularity of social media ensures that this must be included in the design to be able to catch business. 

We can assist you to redo your site if it is not well designed or if you need a fresh start, our dedicated team can also design your website from the beginning.

We can create a WordPress site for your business, or if you prefer we can do a HTML based website.

The biggest change this year is the changes to Data protection, not changing your website to be compliant could lead you to very large fines. With good planning these requirements can easily be included in any upgrade or new site.

Website design has to include Desktop, tablet and smart phone capability

We Optimized Your Website
To Work With Mobile Phones

This year the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.67 billion. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark in the next few years.

Last year, an estimated 62.9 percent of the population worldwide already owned a mobile phone. We make sure that your website is well optimized for mobile so that you don’t lose any traffic.

We Optimized Your Website
To Work With Tablets.

Although looked at as a passing phase in the early years. The number of tablets in use ensure the necessity to include this product in the design plans.

Like the Smart mobile phone we make sure that your website is well optimized for tablets so that you don’t lose any traffic.

Increase Visibility using Social Media Platforms

One of the biggest problems for Companies is the ability to update social media platform regularly.

This is one of the main marketing opportunities that drive traffic to your website.

We help companies overcome any problem with auto-posting systems and teach the staff what the correct systems to use also which social media is best for each type of promotion they are working on.

SEO Optimization

Why is SEO important for you and your business?

More Clients

You will get more clients in a matter of weeks.


People will see your website ranked in the top 3 positions and that brings credibility and authority.

More Orders

More clients means more orders for your business. This will increase your profits.


Since people will start to see your website everywhere in the results, your website will have more reputation.


Without Search Engine Optomisation, potential customers will not easily be able to find your product or service. This is the main reason to have a presence online.

Social Media

Social media is difficult for Chinese companies to plan a comprehensive strategy due to restrictions. We implement systems that can use automated posting to social media from their websites.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is more than just sending emails. We implement strategies to monitor responses to emails. Also to research potential customer needs and respond quickly to improve customer relations.

Regulation Compliance

Recent changes to laws in Europe and USA means your website could lead to huge fines for your business. Not understanding the regulations will not help you to avoid the fines.

Important for all EU countries and UK.

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